Main Theme, Conference Topics

RENT 2012

The main theme for the 26th Annual RENT conference is:


We believe that entrepreneurship can be a significant source of value creation for economies, organizations and people, but we also feel that it is, or should be, a means of furthering social justice too. Today, this point appears to have been understood in a certain manner in the literature relating to entrepreneurship, with the emergence of the new field of research into social and critical entrepreneurship.

The entrepreneurial process is largely embedded in a given social and economic context. By way of example, we all know that enterprise processes in developing countries or countries in transition are quantitatively and qualitatively different from what can be observed in developed countries. Consequently, entrepreneurship can be studied in different types of economic and cultural contexts and at multiple levels (individual, firm, industry, region). In such diversity, we would like to address and discuss key questions : 1) The training, education and preparation of entrepreneurs (how can the entrepreneurs of the future be better trained and prepared?); 2) The environment of entrepreneurship and the understanding of the role played by context-sensitive factors that shape the evolution of the entrepreneurial processes (how can we make the environment more favourable and efficient for entrepreneurship?); 3) Entrepreneurial activity and its behavioural, productive and performance-related dimensions (how can we better understand and measure the actions taken by entrepreneurs, that do not always produce positive consequences and results?); 4) How can entrepreneurship shape and be shaped to create social justice?


  •  Business support systems
  •  Corporate entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial organization
  •  Critical entrepreneurs
  •  Culture of entrepreneurship
  •  Dynamics of entrepreneurial processes
  •  Entrepreneurship and economic development
  •  Entrepreneurship and growth
  •  Entrepreneurship and social justice
  •  Entrepreneurship education and training
  •  Entrepreneurial finance and micro-credit
  •  Entrepreneurial societies
  •  Entrepreneurial teams
  •  Governance and entrepreneurship
  •  Institutional entrepreneurship
  •  International entrepreneurship
  •  Necessity entrepreneurship
  •  Social entrepreneurship


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