Main Theme, Conference Topics

RENT 2011

The main theme for the 25th Annual RENT conference is:

"Entrepreneurial, Business and Society"

The 25th RENT-conference will highlight the interplay between the entrepreneur, the entrepreneurial firm and the society. We will emphasize how new firms are a result of entrepreneurs interacting with stakeholders in their environment, not only in the market but also with interest groups and government institutions. In addition to business entrepreneurship we will highlight community and social entrepreneurship where the entrepreneur is working at community level to create social change and welfare, where success is measured in terms of the effect on the society. Submissions of any aspect of entrepreneurship and small business development are welcome, but preferably concerning the following issues:

1. Entrepreneurship & growth
2. Corporate and Strategic Entrepreneurship
3. The role of universities in fostering entrepreneurship
4. Spin off processes and knowledge transfer
5. Entrepreneurial finance and venture capital
6. Innovation and technological entrepreneurship
7. Entrepreneurship and regional development
8. Entrepreneurship and governmental support
9. Social and community entrepreneurship
10. Green entrepreneurship
11. Entrepreneurial culture
12. Entrepreneurship and gender
13. Entrepreneurial learning and communities of practice
14. Studies of new businesses
15. Studies of business survival
16. Entrepreneurship and ethnic minorities
17. International entrepreneurship


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