WHERE ENTREPRENEURSHIP MEETS GLOBAL COLLABORATION - Welcome to the Gdańsk University of Technology

Welcome to the Gdańsk University of Technology, host of the RENT Conference 2023!


Entrepreneurial faculty at the entrepreneurial university in the entrepreneurial agglomeration of the Tricity.

The Gdańsk University of Technology (Gdańsk Tech) was established in 1904 as the Royal Technical College in Danzig (Königliche Technische Hochschule zu Danzig) when Gdańsk was part of the Prussian Empire. The college initially offered civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering programs, quickly becoming a leading institution of higher education in the region. In 1920, after the end of World War I and the re-establishment of Poland as an independent state, the college became part of the Polish education system and was renamed the State Higher Technical School (Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Techniczna). After World War II, the school was reopened under its current name, the Gdańsk University of Technology. It continued to expand and develop over the years, with new programs added and research facilities established
Nowadays, Gdańsk Tech offers various undergraduate and graduate programs in engineering, science, and technology-related fields, including computer science, mechanical engineering, architecture, electronics, and many others. The university is also known for its research activities and has several research centers and institutes dedicated to various fields of study.
In short, it is:
 one of the top Polish universities listed in the prestigious Shanghai Ranking, classifying the best universities globally
 the second research university in Poland
 one of the most popular universities among the candidates for studies
 one of the three members of Daniel Fahrenheit Union of Universities in Gdańsk


To know us better, please watch this short video about Gdańsk Tech.




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