* the J.M. Veciana Best Paper Award for a junior researcher 

Following the tradition, there will be an Award for the best paper written and presented by a junior researcher at the RENT conference. The award has been named in honour of Professor José Maria Veciana, ECSB’s First Fellow and long time member who was a dedicated supporter of junior researchers throughout his professional life.
To be eligible for this award, the paper must be authored by a student, phd student or junior researcher who has finalised his/her phd thesis within the past five years preceding the conference. Only papers which have been presented at the RENT conference, will be considered. Preferably, papers are solely authored or co-authored with junior researchers. In the case of co-authorship with a senior researcher, the junior researcher will have to be lead author and sole presenter.

The Winner is :

Renata Osowska
with the paper entitled :
" Exploring the attitudes towards entrepreneurship in a transforming society. The case of Poland."

* the ECSB Best Doctoral Proposal Award for the best doctoral thesis proposal submitted to the RENT doctoral consortium

The Winner is :

Puck Hegeman
with the paper entitled :
"Commercialization of renewable energy technologies"

* the ISBJ Best Paper Award challenging the conventional wisdom in Entrepreneurship

The Winner is :

John Kitching with the paper entitled :
"Is Public Policy to Blame for Poverty Self-employment?"

* the IMEC Best Paper Award for a paper about technology and knowledge transfer

The Winners are :

Anders Billström and Einar Rasmussen
with the paper entitled :
"Initial Entrepreneurial Team and Top Management Team Changes in University spin-offs"

* the ECSB Post-Doctoral Writing Workshop Award for an early career researcher whose paper has passed all the rounds of review.

The Winner is :

Anne Annink
with the paper entitled :
"From social support to capabilities for the work-life balance of independent professionals"