Quantitative, qualitative and conceptual papers are welcome for the following theme tracks:

  1. CONFERENCE THEME: Entrepreneurship in the digital era
  2. SPECIAL ISSUE THEME: How to develop entrepreneurial skills? The role of education
  3. Opportunity generation and early business development
  4. Business models (growth, performance and internationalization)
  5. Entrepreneurial finance for new and growing businesses
  6. Human capital, social capital, and relational networks
  7. Entrepreneurship education, learning, and knowledge dissemination
  8. Policy, support systems and infrastructure
  9. Critical perspectives on entrepreneurship
  10. Methodological challenges and research methods
  11. Minority entrepreneurship
  12. Gender and copreneurship
  13. Technology and knowledge-based entrepreneurship
  14. Family business, succession and business transfer
  15. Culture and community
  16. Social entrepreneurship
  17. Green and sustainable entrepreneurship
  18. Corporate / intrapreneurship and strategizing
  19. Creative and artisan industries
  20. Rural enterprise, regional development and tourism

Special issue theme and awards :

Papers submitted and accepted for the track “How to develop entrepreneurial skills? The role of education” will be given developmental feedback for a voluntary subsequent submission to a special issue of "Piccola Impresa/Small Business", Guest editors Francesca Maria Cesaroni, Mario Raffa, Pierluigi Rippa and Annalisa Sentuti (submission deadline February 28th 2021).

The J.M. Veciana Award for Young Researchers, the ISBJ Award for Challenging Conventional Wisdom and the Best Reviewer Award RENT 2020 will be given.