Conference facilities of the Hotel Mercure Gdańsk
Jana Heweliusza 22 street, Gdańsk

Gdańsk offers a wide choice of hotel facilities.

Organizers recommend two hotels:


Gdańsk is a popular tourist destination, so numerous hotels and accommodations are
available throughout the city. Many options suit budgets and preferences, from luxury
hotels to budget-friendly hostels.
Many hotels in Gdańsk are located in or near the city center, making it easy to explore
the city's main attractions, such as the historic Old Town and the impressive medieval
architecture. Some popular hotels include the Hilton, the Radisson Blu Hotel Gdańsk,
and the Hanza. These hotels offer modern amenities, comfortable rooms, and
convenient locations.

Organizers recommend two hotels:

  • Hotel Mercure Gdańsk (the conference venue): to obtain the negotiated rates (310
    PLN (65 EUR) for the single and 350 PLN (75 EUR) double room with breakfast),
    please book by mail to
    In the subject, please write: RENT
  • Scandic Hotel: the rates range is EUR 65-100 (room/night with breakfast).


For luxury lovers: