Digital entrepreneurship is defined as creating new ventures and transforming existing businesses by developing novel digital technologies and/or adopting a novel usage of such technologies. The increasingly digitalized environment has led to a changed living situation characterized by economic growth, job creation and innovation, and opened new possibilities to train the next generation of entrepreneurs creating new possibilities for anyone thinking of becoming an entrepreneur.

Several entrepreneurial practice and theory have recently been identified and streams of research that deal with digital entrepreneurship have been identified, including everything that is new and different about entrepreneurship in a digital world, as digital business models, digital entrepreneurship process, platform strategies, digital ecosystem, entrepreneurship education, digital academic entrepreneurship and social digital entrepreneurship.

With its empirical and conceptual advances, entrepreneurship research has created an impetus that has changed a simple phenomenon into an autonomous field with its theoretical background.

Join us to this

virtual RENT 2020,

in advancing the field of entrepreneurship by discussing and challenging digitalization as a cornerstone of the entrepreneurship theory !











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